Dictation Center

MD HQ supports SOAP/encounter note dictation, either using speech-to-text programs or external transcriptionists. You can dictate straight into a note using Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Windows 7 Speech Recognition, or practically any speech-to-text software. Or, use your preferred recording device and then upload the mp3 file to a note. Your dictation queue keeps track of yet-to-be transcribed dictations (or yet-to-be corrected electronic machine transcriptions), as well as completed transcriptions that are waiting for a provider's electronic signature.

Our built-in keyboard controls to play/pause, rewind, fast forward, and slow or speed playback help to make transcription simple and error-free, whether it's done by you, someone in your practice, or an external transcriptionist. A limited-access transcriptionist user account, which is free after a one-time $25 set up charge, gives an external transcriptionist access only to the dictation queue and notes with uploaded dictations, so that you're always sharing a minimum of protected health information.