Custom Forms

Screenshot - custom form

Want to have patients fill out intake forms or questionnaires before they come into the office? MD HQ can do that. We'll help you convert your paper forms to fillable electronic forms that can be accessed via the Patient Portal, making it easy to get the information you need ahead of time. Plus, electronic forms can be imported directly into the EMR, saving you the hassle of manually entering a patient's responses into your system or digging through your records to find a particular form when you need it.

Custom electronic forms are great for intake and past medical history forms, as well as patient health and wellness self-assessments. Your consent forms can even be uploaded to the Patient Portal so that patients can accept and "sign" electronically. Or, if hard-copy signatures are preferred, you can file electronic copies of your consent forms with your system documents and then print as needed.

If you have charting template forms, we can also convert these into fillable electronic forms that you access via the Chart Part system as you type.