Prescription Management & eRx

Medications Block

From easy prescription renewals, to quickly viewing a patient's medication history, to integrated e-faxing and e-Rx, and support for custom compounded rxs, it's easy to manage prescriptions in the MD HQ EMR.

Simple, Fast Prescriptions

Writing prescriptions is quick and easy, thanks to integrated smart-searching, a medication short list that gets smarter the more prescriptions you write, and easy-to-use dosing profiles. Your medication short list remembers which medications you've prescribed and, as you type, the system searches these first. Then, when you're writing the prescription itself, you can easily save a dosing profile that you use regularly, make it a default or secondary profile for that drug, and set it to be available to just you or to the whole practice.

When you're ready, you can call in prescriptions to the patient's preferred pharmacy or send them via eRx or our integrated electronic fax system. Either way, the system automatically checks prescriptions against the patient's list of allergies, intolerances, and discontinued medications, reducing the chance of negative drug reactions.

Prescription renewals are easier yet. Prescription details are automatically entered using the original prescription. You just edit as needed and click to save and send.

Full Patient Portal Integration

Patient Portal Medications Page

The Patient Portal is an great tool for making sure that the patient can always see a current medication list, along with any special instructions, and easily request refills. Plus, preferred pharmacies are easily updated via the Patient Portal so that you can be confident in always having the most current information.

Compounded Medications

Your compounded medications, bio-identical hormones, etc. can easily be added and prescribed via MD HQ. Plus, the patient's preferred pharmacies - including compounding pharmacies - can be specified ahead of time in the EMR or by the patient via the Patient Portal, making sending in your compounded prescriptions a breeze.

Always-Accessible Medication List

A patient's medication summary appears prominently on the patient dashboard, remaining easily accessible even when you have an encounter note open. At your option, the summary can be set to display each of a patient's medications only once, regardless of how many times it has been prescribed, to help you get the information you need at a glance. And a more detailed view can always easily be displayed as a popup or in a new tab or window.

In a few clicks, quickly add the patient's medication history to an encounter note using MD HQ's Chart Parts system, or fax the list using the printable patient chart feature.