Patient Portal

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Giving patients direct online access to their medical records and other health information is an increasingly important part of patient education and good doctor-patient communication. Our configurable Patient Portal provides a secure way for your patients to do things like:

  • View and update medication lists, allergies, vaccinations, and their personal information;
  • Report and track vitals measurements like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and more;
  • Request appointments;
  • Designate preferred pharmacies;
  • Send secure messages to providers;
  • Complete intake forms and health questionnaires that can be imported directly into the EMR;
  • And view and pay bills online.

New information and requests from the patient portal are queued in the EMR for your review. And the specific feature set is up to you! You can always choose not to include an available feature or to make it read only. And we'll customize the look of the Patient Portal to match your website, giving you something that works and feels like a fully custom solution.