Supplement Management

Using our extensive supplements database or your custom list, easily prescribe and manage supplement prescriptions, renewals, and even inventory in MD HQ.

Supplements are fully integrated into charting, the patient dashboard, and the Patient Portal. Smart searching and default supplement profiles make finding the correct supplement and adding prescription details quick and easy. Or, if you have groups of supplements that you often prescribe together, use Chart Parts to add the whole group to an encounter note at once. Supplement renewals are easier yet, thanks to details that are automatically entered from the original entry. Edit as needed and click to save and send.

The patient's supplement list appears prominently on the patient dashboard, remaining easily accessible even when you have an encounter note open. The supplements and medications lists share space on the patient dashboard, but you can choose to have the supplements list display in front if you do not generally prescribe medications.

Patients can request refills and view their current supplements list, along with any special instructions, on the Patient Portal.

And if you sell supplements in-house, the integrated inventory system helps you dispense and track your inventory.