Help : Add New Document

Add Document Pop Up

To add a new document, click on the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner of the documents block. You may browse the hard drive of the computer you are using to add an existing file, or click on "Enter Text Instead" in the upper right-hand corner of the Add New box.

To add more than one document at a time, click on "Upload Multiple" in the upper righthand corner of the Add New box.

Choose a title for the document, which must be unique among the patient's documents in order to avoid confusion. Designate the document type or leave it uncategorized, in which case it will remain on the Unreviewed tab until it is reviewed and categorized by a doctor. Indicate whether the patient has been notified or that patient notification is not necessary and, if desired, add notes.

If the document should be reviewed by a doctor, make sure the box is checked (checked by default) and use the dropdown menu to indicate which doctor, or that any doctor may review. Add the document to the patient's past medical history by checking the box. A document that is added to a patient's PMH will appear in the PMH Block on the patient's dashboard, as well as in the documents section.

Help: Multi-Document Uploader

Multi-document uploaderThe multi-document uploader lets you add multiple documents to a patient's file at once, either by dragging and dropping files from your computer into the "Upload Multiple" pop up, or by clicking in the open space in the "Upload Multiple" pop up to browse your computer and select files for upload.

Once the files have been added to the Upload Multiple pop up, you can edit the file names, select the document types, specify whether each document should be visible to the patient via the portal, and set whether the document needs to be reviewed by a doctor. If you've made any changes to the default values for a document, click "Save Edits". When you're finished, click "I'm Done. Close this uploader."