Help : Patient Scheduling through the Portal

MD HQ users have the option to allow patients to request appointments through the Patient Portal. There are various ways this can be set up, including:

  • Simply allowing patients to send a request for a certain date and a morning or afternoon visit, without displaying calendar availability.
  • Allowing patients request a particular appointment date and time based on calendar availability.

This help page describes how patient appointment requests work if your set up allows them to request a particular appointment date and time based on calendar availability.

Set Up for Patient Appointment Requests

For patients to access schedule availabilities, you must first set your in-office work schedules. Work-schedule hours will be shown as available, except where there are conflicting appointments already in the calendar.

To limit which appointment types can be scheduled at different times, this feature must be enabled on your build (contact us to set this up) and you must create different work-schedule types, during which different appointment types may be scheduled, then set your in-office work schedules using these work-schedule types. This may be used to limit, for example, phone visits to afternoon hours or house calls to one day a week.

What Patients See

When requesting an appointment via the Patient Portal, patients will first select the provider they would like to see. Then, if applicable, they select the appointment type. They will then be shown a list of dates when there is some availability for the provider (and, if applicable, appointment type requested) and, once a date is selected, the available hours in that day. There is also a space for patients to add notes to their request.

Scheduling Appointment Requests

Screenshot Patient Schedule RequestWhen a patient requests an appointment, the request arrives in the Patient Portal Queue within MD HQ.

At this point, a user needs to respond to the request within the Patient Portal Queue. The request will have a yellow Add an Appointment button that brings up a Schedule New Event pop-up with the patient's request pre-loaded into the event. Make any changes necessary and click Add New Event to schedule the event. Note that the appointment time will not be reserved and will still be shown as available on the Patient Portal until the appointment is added into the calendar.

Once the event is scheduled, users should archive the request in the Patient Portal Queue by clicking the green or red x.