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Script: Patient Portal Part 2, Provider Interface and EMR-Side Functionality

In the first part of the patient portal video, we looked at the patient portal interface and functions on the patient side. In this second part, we're going to review how incoming requests from the patient portal are handled in the EMR. The patient portal queue is accessible via the schedule page, by clicking on the pop out icon. The requests that you see here are requests that we added in the previous video plus a couple others. If there were standing requests related to other patients, they would also appear here, grouped by patient name.

Let's start going through this list using the big yellow helper buttons to the right of each request. You'll notice that each button is different, reflecting the different requested actions to be taken.

First, I'll add the Reston CVS as one of Hera's preferred pharmacies. The system asks for confirmation and then, as you can see on Hera's dashboard page, completes the request. Back on the Patient Portal Queue, the request remains open until you archive it, either because it is completed using the green button, or because you will not complete it using the red button. Also notice that once you click on the helper button, it is shown in a darker shade of yellow to help you keep track of your progress.

For any request, you can also click on the blue message icon at the left to send the patient a secure message related to the request. Edit the automatically entered title if needed and add your message. By default, the patient will receive an email telling her that she has a secure message waiting in the Patient Portal, but you can uncheck the box if you don't want a notification sent. The drop down menu at the bottom allows you to select how the request should be handled when the secure message is sent, that is, whether it should be left open or archived, either as completed or will not complete.

For the prescription refill request, the helper button opens up a new encounter note and adds the requested prescription. Click complete or complete and fax to pharmacy, and then you would finish charting and sign your note as usual. We're just going to save and close this to return to the Patient Portal Queue.

For changes to the patient's personal details, the helper button opens the patient's details pop-out so that you can make requested edits. Finally, clicking Accept BP Reading inputs the reported reading into a new blood pressure reading on the specified date, and then you just click save.

Archived patient portal requests can be viewed and unarchived by clicking on the history icon in the top right corner of the patient portal queue. The searchable archive is sorted by request date.

This concludes our video overview of how Patient Portal requests are easily managed from the EMR. For more help, browse our other videos or our online help at