Convenience of the Cloud

With MD HQ, you get all the convenience of working in the cloud.

  • Your EMR is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection!
  • There's no special hardware to install and maintain!
  • You don't need to install EMR software on specific computers in the office!
  • You never need local IT expertise to keep your electronic records system up and running!

The bottom line is that you avoid hardware and software hassles and can log on to your EMR from any computer, anywhere you have an internet connection. MD HQ even works on iPads and Android mobile devices! The accessibility of our system makes it an ideal choice for practices that do telemedicine or house calls, or that need to access the EMR from different devices within the office.

MD HQ also keeps all the functionality of a desktop program, like right click menus and keyboard shortcuts, so you don't have to sacrifice practical features in moving to the cloud. And frequent auto-saving of encounter notes, as well as best practices data storage and backup, are always in place to protect you against loss of data.