Customized Billing Services Summary Form

MD HQ's many configuration options mean that you can get a system that fits your workflow. Configurable aspects include, among other things:

  • Basic information about your practice, including your logo for inside of MD HQ, all Patient Portal pages, and any forms generated by the EMR, as well as your practice information, user names, and provider information
  • Your subdomains the URLs you use to access MD HQ and the Patient Portal
  • Basic aspects of how the system looks, like the default layout for the patient dashboard and encounter note screens, login screen image, colors, and fonts
  • Integrated merchant services with one of our merchant services partners
  • Integration with your local labs
  • Security rules, including different levels of user access and how long it takes for the system to log users out due to inactivity
  • Custom workflow for encounter notes, including whether notes require CPT codes, charges, or diagnoses to be assigned, which if any custom plan items (like supplements, lifestyle rxs, etc.) are available, rules for un-signing a note, rules for how and when charting by another user requires sign-off by a doctor, and much more
  • Super-flexible Chart Parts encounter note templates that speed charting by making it fast and easy to add everything from short, often-used phrases, to encounter outlines with prompts, to groups of diagnoses, plan items, and charges
  • Your custom charge list
  • Fillable online forms and questionnaires that import the information that matters to you directly into the EMR
  • Custom vitals tracking

We can also do fully custom features, generally at an hourly rate based on time estimates that we'll discuss and agree with you advance. And if we think that a particular custom feature is something that we'd like to offer to other users, we'll build it for you for free.