Good Data Handling

We believe in being good custodians of your data. That means flexible importing of data to accommodate your situation, best practices data categorization and handling within the EMR, and free data export in both human-readable and machine-readable forms.

Easy Come

When you come on board, one of the first tasks is getting your data into MD HQ so that your records are accessible and you're not stuck using parallel systems. If you're coming from an EMR that uses one of the widely-accepted standards for electronic medical record-keeping, importing your data to MD HQ is straightforward and free. Things get a bit more complicated if your old EMR uses proprietary data formats or doesn't export data in a way that other EMRs can read, or if you're transitioning from a custom system perhaps something you've put together using Microsoft Word or your computer's built-in file system. In any case, we can probably retrieve your existing electronic data, but there may be additional charges (always discussed and agreed in advance) for particularly complex importing jobs.

If you're coming from paper, we recommend that you scan patient records and save them in a directory organized by patient. Then we can import the entire directory and associate each patient's paper records with his or her electronic file. We also provide the option of uploading scanned documents to a bulk electronic archive folder so that they're available online if you need them.

Easy Go

MD HQ uses the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) standard to categorize your data in the EMR, meaning that your data is stored in a standardized format that other systems can read and interpret, if needed. Systematically, this helps to enhance interoperability and standardization in medical records keeping over time. And what this means for you is that practically every part of a patient's record is searchable and sortable (unlike paper charts or poorly-organized or incompletely-categorized electronic data) and will stay that way even if you move to another system.

This is important because MD HQ never holds your data hostage. While we hope that all of our customers love our system and stay with us forever, we know this isn't always the way it works. So, if you want to leave, we will export your data in human-readable and CCR-formatted machine-readable formats for free. You never get stuck with proprietary data formats or bad electronic data, so you can be confident that you won't need to re-enter records if you move to another system. Wherever you go next, you can take your data with you.