Your Functional Medicine EMR

MD HQ is the backbone of your thriving functional medicine practice, streamlining your workflow so that you can focus less on paperwork and more on patients. Your EMR and patient portal should make your life easier, which is why we focus on providing a rock-solid product with above-and-beyond personalization, customization, and support. Your practice isn't cookie-cutter, so why settle for a generic EMR?

Experience truly functional charting

  • Uniquely usable "Chart Parts" add custom combinations of text and/or actions to a note with just a few keystrokes - in seconds, order complex lab panels, completely document a simple visit, provide a set of recommendations and handouts, or all of the above and more
  • Integrated, editable supplements database
  • Built-in tools for IV infusions and vitamin injections
  • Simple to add recommendations, lifestyle rxs, or your custom plan items
  • Sharable custom encounter summaries include plan, diagnoses (at your option) and as much or as little of the note's text as you want
  • Optional encounter timer that pings at your custom interval helps keep extended visits on-schedule

Engage your patients

  • White-labeled patient portal with secure two-way communication – no more unsecure emails, plus communication history is automatically part of the patient's chart
  • Library of functional/integrative forms and questionnaires available, plus we can convert your paper forms and questionnaires into custom electronic forms that go directly into the EMR without scanning or manually entering data
  • Patient can view vitals history, including custom vitals, and add at-home readings
  • Online appointment scheduler
  • Easy sharing of lab results, handouts, encounter summaries, and patient-uploaded docs
  • Supplements list with online refill requests
  • And more!

Improve inventory management

  • Inventory management system for supplements, prescriptions, and supplies that you sell in-house
  • Shopify sync available - have your online store sync with your EMR inventory!
  • System tracks wholesale cost as well as prices for inventory items
  • Option to dispense automatically appears when you prescribe something in your inventory

Connect with labs you use

  • We integrate with functional labs like Genova, Doctors' Data, Cleveland HeartLab, and Bioreference, as well as standard labs like Quest, LabCorp, CPL, and Direct Labs
  • Electronic lab results can be tracked and graphed
  • Easily share lab results (and other documents) with patient
  • We work with local labs to set up integrations at clients' requests

Simplify your billing

  • Full billing system included at no additional charge
  • Integrated merchant services
  • Online invoicing and bill-pay via the Patient Portal
  • Tiered charges available based on user role (doctor, nurse, admin, etc.) and patient status (discounted versus non-discounted)
  • Support for subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Extensive billing reports available

Love your EMR

  • MD HQ works like it was built just for you
  • "Beyond basic" customization at set up includes white-labeling, design, layout, and workflow configuration, intake forms, lab integration, and more
  • Many configuration options to fit your workflow
  • Fanatic customer service and support
  • Help importing patient data from your existing EHR
  • Fully custom features available


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